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Welcome to Becoming Life Coaching where you may receive individual support on your journey of Becoming the next version of you. 

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Supportive connection for a life of growth & progress.

Becoming Life Coaching

A life coach is someone who helps you identify your goals and supports the development and implementation of action plans to achieve them.

A good life coach creates a safe space for you to navigate growth, shares tools, and empowers you to grow.

As a life coach, it is important that time spent in session has a culture of growth and support.  

What are your current goals?

How would you like to grow next?

How can I best support you?

Becoming Life Coaching Session Pricing 

Phone/Zoom or Chat

Life Coaching can include Numerology and Intuitive tools.

15 minute sessions are available

when securing a 1 hour package or more.

30 minutes $65

60 minutes $125

Package : 5 X 1 hour sessions $500

Becoming End-of-Life Coaching

An End-of-Life Coach has many names including Death Doula, Dying Guide and Soul Midwife and is very similar to a life coach.

A good End-of-Life coach provides nonjudgemental and non-medical support to those nearing the end of life, 

supports friends and family and can educate and empower individuals to make decisions on their own end-of-life care.

Coaches can provide the support for successfully navigating through change,

with a little less fear and a little more love.

Becoming Life Coach, Leandra Hill, specializes in End-of-Life vigils and respite care.

End-of-Life vigils focus on being present with the dying and the family in the weeks, days, and hours leading up to a person's final moments.

Depending on each persons desire in any given moment, prayers, readings, music, silence, and/or simply bearing witness can be options.

Respite care provides short term relief for the primary caregivers and can include light cooking, cleaning, non-medical care, 

gentle massage, Reiki, and emotional and spiritual support.  Each day, each moment choices and needs can change.

End-of-Life Coaching Hourly Pricing 

$125 for the first hour then $75 per hour there after with packages available.

These are in person sessions. Drive time may apply, depending on the location.

Please schedule a 15 minute consultation call to discuss your unique situation.

A little more about Becoming...

It is important that time spent in session has a culture of growth and support. 

Where are you currently in your journey in life?

What are your current goals, how would like to grow next and how can I best support that growth?

There are many different tools and philosophies that I have studied and continue to study, and teachings that contribute to the process of my own Becoming.

Udemy Life Coaching - certified

Death Doula Certification from IAP College

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Mary Morrissey Dream Builder

The Law of Attraction

Michael Bernard Beckwith


Reiki Master

If you would like to continue growing with the support, tools, perspective and a Becoming Life Coaching cheerleader and teacher, please contact me by scheduling a free  consultation below or booking a session above. I look forward to connecting with you.

Leandra Hill

Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master and Numerologist

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