Becoming: Life Coaching 

Intuitive Readings

An Intuitive Reading consists of a practitioner using their intuitive abilities to help shed light on any current issues in your life.

Whether you would like insight on where you are currently in a particular area of your life and/or assistance with developing your own intuition,

a session with an intuitive can be helpful and filled with little lightbulb moments.

Some of the areas of life that you can focus on

during a reading or that can benefit

from intuitive insights are:

*The relationship area - family, friends, love and business relationships

*Your vocation  - specifically your passion or calling

*Your physical and mental health

*Your spiritual life

*Your career for income

*The balance of your free time. 

An intuitive practitioner can use a variety of tools

to tap into their intuition including

but not limited to:

Tarot, Runes, Native American Medicine cards, Quan Yin cards, and/or a pendulum.

These can be done over the phone, over Zoom, or via a recording.

Intuitive Readings Pricing

Phone/Zoom or Chat Sessions

60 minute Intuitive Reading is $125

A Package of 5 Readings is $500

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