Becoming: Life Coaching 

Distance Reiki Energy Sessions

Reiki is a Japanese word, often translated to mean “Universal Life Force Energy.”  A Reiki practitioner serves as a conduit for that life force energy, connecting the energy and the client.

Becoming's practitioner and Reiki Master, Leandra Hill, has experienced Reiki sessions that demonstrate a strong and powerful partnership between Universal Life Force Energy and the client. The sessions have supported physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness and connection. 

What are you looking to connect with, feel

or change energetically?

~Receive a better connection with your inner

knowing, intuition and/or guardian angels

for clarity in life decisions. 

~Receive energetic healing support during medical

procedures, massage or acupuncture appointments

and / or during meditation. 

Whether it is a physical shift that you are wanting to connect with (healing), an inspiration for a new development in your life, or assistance with your connection with your Guides, connecting with Reiki Energy is a powerful tool that can be used to benefit your never ending journey in Becoming.

Reiki Distance Energy Session Pricing

Phone/Zoom or Chat Sessions

One 60 minute session 


A 60 minute session includes the 45 minute Reiki, and a pre & post discussion. 

A package of 3 mini sessions


2 x 15 minute sessions and 1 x 30 minute session with a pre and post meeting.


A Package of 5 is $500

5 x  60 minute session includes the 45 minute Reiki, and a pre & post discussion.

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