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January, 2024                        February, 2024          

    Sunday, January 7th                                                        Sunday, February 4th                    

     Sunday, January 14th                                                      Sunday, February 11th                    

Sunday, January 21st                                                       Sunday,  February 19th              

         Sunday, January 28th                                                      Sunday,  February 25th                         

12 noon Mountain time 

Join me for a group Energy Session via zoom, free of charge, every Sunday at noon.

We will begin by visualizing peace and well-being for the world for 15 minutes. 

Our group will join thousand of people around the world 

visualizing and sending energy at the same time.

We will then spend 15 minutes sending love and healing energy to each being in

our group that needs healing in some area of their life.

Please email for the zoom link.

*You may request healing for an animal. 

For individuals outside our group,

we must have their consent.

Please feel free to invite others.

~Gratitude Donations Welcome~

Event Discount

Current Event discounts are for attendees of Kathleen John's Demonstration of Mediumship~ October 27, 2023

Distance Reiki Session

A Distance Reiki Session includes a 15 minute call or email before hand to connect on your desired outcome and the process of receiving, the Reiki session, and a follow up email. 

Choose a Reiki Session if you wish to...

Focus on healing

Have inspiration for a new       development in your life

Receive assistance with your connection with your Guides

*Normal Price is $125.  Receive $25 off  through this link HERE.

Numerology Reading

Numerology uses numbers to represent energy vibrations.

During a session, we discuss all of the constructive and destructive energies, life lessons, how to lean on your gifts

and your passions and even how to better get a long with those closest to you.

You will receive a brief written overview of your personal numerology,  the numbers and their meaning, as well as a recording.

*Normal Price is $150.  Receive $25 off  through this link HERE.

Intuitive Reading

An intuitive Reading can be a powerful session to assist in a particular area of your life, filled with little lightbulb moments.

Relationships: family, friends, love and business relationships

Your vocation  - specifically your passion or calling

Your physical and mental health

Your Spiritual life



*Normal Price is $125.  Receive $25 off  through this link HERE.

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