Becoming: Life Coaching 

Becoming: Life Coaching 

Supportive life coaching for a life of growth & progress

What exactly is a life coach and why would anyone want one?

A life coach is someone who helps you identify your goals and develop action plans to achieve them while teaching the tools and empowering you to do this for yourself.
Would you like more tools, a safe space to navigate growth, while being completely supported by another?

This is what "Becoming Life Coaching" offers.


A little about Becoming Life Coaching:

My name is Leandra Orr, and as a life coach, it is important to me that time spent in session has a culture of sharing.

What are your goals and how would you like to grow next? And how best can I support that growth for you?

I want to empower and support the transformation you seek. I do this through sharing many tools I have learned and continue learning. Some examples of tools I can share are:

  • Having the end goal in mind
  • Asking better questions
  • Offering alternative perspectives
  • Being your cheerleader
  • Taking action steps to get to the end goal

There are many, many more tools. For years, I have been studying many different ideas and philosophies that I draw upon and will share: Udemy Life Coaching, Mary Morrissey Dream Builder courses, The Law of Attraction, Brene Brown, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Numerology and more. I am not a counselor.

If you would like to continue growing and becoming, and would very much like support, tools, perspective and a cheerleader, schedule a visit. In person sessions are in this tranquil setting pictured above in the Lower Madison Valley, Three Forks, Montana. Phone sessions are available, as well.

I look forward to meeting you.



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