Becoming: Life Coaching 

Numerology Sessions

Numerology uses numbers to represent energy vibrations.

Each letter in your name is converted to a number and then used to represent an energy. 

The vowels and consonants all represent different aspects of ourselves and what drives us.

Many people believe our birthdate can reveal our destiny.

During a session, we discuss all of the constructive and destructive energies, life lessons, how to lean on your gifts

and your passions and even how to better get a long with those closest to you.

Leandra Hill has been studying and using numerology as a tool to connect and assist

others in understanding themselves and inspiring shifts in their lives for over 20 years. 

Please allow an hour and a half for your Numerology Session.  

These can be done over Zoom, or via a recording that is sent to you.

Numerology Pricing

Phone/Zoom or In-Person Sessions

90 minute session $150

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